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Email Emergency? No Problem with Inbox

Exchange Defender Wed, July 3rd 2024 - 5:09 PM
Email meltdown got you stressed? Introducing ExchangeDefender Inbox, your backup hero! ?No more worrying about missed messages when Outlook or Gmail go down. Inbox automatically activates, keeping you connected. Say goodbye to email stress, hello to peace of mind!

Important Update: M365 Outbound Email Changes

Exchange Defender Wed, June 26th 2024 - 1:28 PM
To fight rising email abuse, we're blocking unauthorized emails sent through your M365 tenant. Most users won't be affected. If you send out-of-office messages or need specific routing, a simple M365 setup keeps your emails flowing.

DMARC fights email fraud!

Exchange Defender Thu, June 20th 2024 - 12:50 PM
This email authentication tool stops spoofing and protects your domain from being used in phishing attacks. ExchangeDefender supports DMARC to keep your inbox safe and ensure your emails get delivered. If you need help with your setup, visit our library to see how it works!

Phishing Protection

ExchangeDefender provides the most sophisticated and most comprehensive real-time protection from email phishing threats through ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall, External Sender flagging, real-time databases of safe and dangerous sites, and flexible phishing content handling policies.

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